Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ)


Digital Signatures

Your official signature and security seal in the electronic world!


In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to practice a profession without relying on information technology (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, computer-assisted drafting, etc.). As such, granting the same legal value to electronic documents as to paper, while remaining compliant with your professional association’s requirements, has become a key challenge.

With a digital signature, you can digitally sign plans, specifications and other commonly used documents. Digital signatures provide irrefutable proof of authorship for electronic documents by confirming your identity as author and member in good standing of your professional association. Furthermore, they help protect document integrity and save both time and money.


To get a digital signature, you are subject to 2 sets of fees:

Sign-Up Fees* $140*
  • Per user, per digital signature.
  • Payable only once when signing up for a digital signature.
  • Covers creating the digital signature certificate, as well as the licenses for all applications included in the Digital Signature Kit.
Annual Subscription Fees* $185*
  • Per user, per year for the 1st digital signature.
  • Covers the maintenance service for the digital signature certificate.

Want to sign up for more than one digital signature ?

Group rates are available on annual subscription fees for groups of 51 users or more charged to the same account. Please contact sales for details.

*Taxes are extra.

Identity Verification

Identity verification is done at a participating Canada Post retail location. Visit www.notarius.com/canadapost to find one near you.

If you are located outside Canada, please contact Customer Service.

Resume Subscription

You can resume your subscription at any time. However, depending on the number of months since your subscription was cancelled, you may be required to have your identity verified in person and to pay the full sign-up and annual subscription fees. To resume your subscription, the procedure is as follows:

Your digital signature has been cancelled for more than 12 months

You are required to have your identity verified in person (face-to-face) to complete the process and pay the full sign-up and annual subscription fees.

Your digital signature has been cancelled for less than 12 months

You will be charged only $50 in sign-up fees along with the annual subscription fees. If you cannot verify your identity online using the 3 security questions, you will need to have your identity verified in person (face-to-face).