Visible Digital Seal VDS

Protect your printed documents from forgery with CertifiO Code. Validate the authenticity and legitimacy of key information in any printed document using a Visible Digital Seal (VDS).

Go fully digital

Make the shift to digital. Don’t let the requirement for paper documents hold you back any longer.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Prevent alterations and forgery of your printed documents.

Reduce costs

Decrease document processing times, save on postage and reduce your archiving costs.

Member of a Trusted Network

Notarius is one of the founding members of the Otentik Trust Network, which oversees VDS governance to ensure the authenticity of documents and the legitimacy of their signers. The network links the organizations that certify visible digital seals with the organizations that verify them.

CertifiO Code conforms to the requirements of the Otentik Trust Network and the AFNOR Z42-105/ISO standard. CertifiO Code can also be linked to blockchain initiatives and electronic document vaults.

Keep Your Documents Secure
Even When Printed

Use a Visible Digital Seal (VDS) on your electronic documents to ensure their authenticity and legitimacy once printed. Prevent possible forgery of the paper documents that you produce or consult.

Verified legitimacy

When you affix a VDS to your documents using CertifiO Code, you authenticate both the document’s issuer and their legitimacy to sign the document.

Our ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform offers a specific use case: the audit trail includes a VDS to certify the signers’ information, included in the printed audit trail.

Document integrity guaranteed

When you create a visible digital seal, you integrate your document’s key information into the VDS. Validating the code makes it possible to compare the printed document to the original document’s key information and detect modifications. The VDS itself is digitally signed, which means that it can’t be altered.

Multiple Validation Options

Verify online, via a mobile device, a barcode scanner or API

Validate your VDS using a mobile device, computer, barcode reader or scanner. An internet connection is not required to validate the VDS, but the online verification option offers advanced features.
CertifiO Code is easy to implement and can be used on your existing documents. Using our API, generate and affix a VDS to a document, or validate the code of documents that you receive.

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