Signature Validation Free Tools

Ensure digital signature validity and prevent fraud to your electronic documents with the help of our free esignature verification tools.

Secure processes: Verify that your digitally signed documents are validated before publishing, accepting or archiving them.
Ensure document integrity

Easily detect any changes to your documents.

Identity validation: Validate the identity of your documents’ signers and ensure that they are duly authorized to sign.
Protect your documents against fraud
Ensure signers are real people that are authorized to e-sign and authenticate the documents.
Increased productivity: Eliminate the need for complex manual validations and errors using our APIs. Get clear and concise validation results to support decision-making.
Manage long-term risk

Maintain the reliability and longevity of both your esigned documents.


Use our Free Validation Tools


ConsignO Desktop is a PDF reader whose advanced features make signing documents and verification quick and easy so that you can be more productive.

  • Validate signers’ identities, as well as their membership to a professional association or organization.
  • Verify the integrity of e-signed documents.
  • Validate conformity to PDF/A standards and determine if conditions for long-term archiving (LTV).

logo VerifiO png allows users to verify digital signatures issued by Notarius in a PDF document.

  • Gain access to a document’s original source by downloading a PDF that also validates signers’ identities.
  • A white-label version hosted on our infrastructure is available.

Learn about our VerifiO Server Solution if you need to automate the validation of a high volume of digitally-signed PDFs.


Verify Who Really Signed

Easily validate a CertifiO digital signature using Acrobat Reader, ConsignO Desktop,, or Bluebeam Revu.



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Questions & Answers

What are the criteria to ensure that a signature is valid?

  • A signature is recognized as being valid if the certificate associated with the signer is valid (not revoked) at the time of signing and if the certificate was issued by a recognized certificate authority.
  • A signature is invalid if it does not meet the conditions previously mentioned, if validation proof was not included at the time of signing or if the signer’s certificate has expired.

What is the purpose of signature validation?

The complete validation of the signature is just as important as the act of signing the document. Before publishing, accepting or archiving a document, validating the identity of your documents’ signers and ensuring that they are duly authorized to sign is essential. It is also important to verify if your document will be able to be read for decades to come and if it was altered after it was signed.

What file types can be validated?

Only PDF files can be uploaded and validate.

What is PDF/A compliance?

  • PDF/A is based on ISO standard 19005 concerning the long-term archiving of PDF documents and ensures the longevity of information; fonts, images, graphic elements and document formatting are preserved over time, regardless of the application or platform used to create the document. The tool indicates if the document claims to be PDF/A-compliant. For a detailed analysis of PDF/A compliance, please use ConsignO Desktop or Adobe Acrobat.
  • PDF/A compliance is in no way linked to the integrity or validity of a document’s digital signatures.

What is long-term validation (LTV) compliance?

LTV compliance, in the context of digital signatures, ensures that the signature will remain valid over the long term, requiring signature validation proof to be integrated into the document. As a result, the signature can still be validated, even after the signing certificate has expired.

I would like more information about a document’s signatures, the certificates used and PDF/A compliance. Where can I look?

The website offers a simplified view. For more details, use the option “Signature validation” in ConsignO Desktop or the signature panel in Adobe Acrobat.

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