VerifiO Server

Automatically validate signers’ identities and the integrity, authenticity and longevity of your documents before publishing or accepting them.

Increased productivity and reliability

Save valuable time by automating the validation of signatures and your documents’ conformity to your business requirements.

Confidentiality and security

Deploy VerifiO Server in your environment and save documents within your secure infrastructure.

Fast and easy integration

Easily integrate our solution as a part of your existing systems with our flexible deployment options.


A Turnkey Solution That Doesn’t Require Any Expertise in Digital Signatures

We’ve developed a unique expertise over more than two decades so that you don’t have to. This knowledge, integrated into our tools such as ConsignO Desktop and VerifiO Web, can now be integrated within your applications thanks to VerifiO Server.


Flexible Features and Options

Validate the authenticity of signatures and documents Verify document longevity Validate the reliability of printed documents Multiple deployment options Billing by volume

Validate the authenticity of signatures and documents

  • Validate signers’ identities, as well as your documents’ integrity, authenticity and longevity
  • Validate a signer’s designation (professional title) or affiliation to a professional association
  • List and extract attachments
*Only applies to documents that must be signed by an individual holding a digital signature issued or managed by Notarius.

In combination with your applications and systems, VerifiO Server ensures the longevity of your documents and the signatures they contain by validating:

  • Conformity to the PDF/A standard
  • The conformity of signatures and documents to long-term validation (PAdES-ready) standards, which includes the proof of verification.

Automate the analysis of the visible digital seal (VDS) on a printed document and display the result within your application so that users can confirm the important information that the printed document contains.

Deploying VerifiO Server is quick and easy. You can deploy it on an individual workstation or a centralized server, or even integrate it directly via Java libraries.

As a result, documents that must be validated never leave your secure network and you can control software updates.

VerifiO Server exposes a REST API and related web service. It can also be called directly and locally from the command line (CLI).

Our prices are based on the annual verification volume. Certain features are free or optional. Contact us for more information.


Discover the VerifiO Server API

Want to know more about deploying VerifiO Server and its API? See the documentation.

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Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of signature validation?

The complete validation of the signature is just as important as the act of signing the document. Before publishing, accepting or archiving a document, validating the identity of your documents’ signers and ensuring that they are duly authorized to sign is essential. It is also important to verify if your document will be able to be read for decades to come and if it was altered after it was signed.

What does it mean if a digital signature is valid?

A signature is recognized as being valid if the certificate associated with the signer is valid (not revoked) at the time of signing and if the certificate was issued by a recognized certificate authority.
A signature is invalid if it does not meet the conditions previously mentioned if validation proof was not included at the time of signing or if the signer’s certificate has expired.

What is PDF/A compliance?

PDF/A compliance is based on the ISO 19005 standard, which is specialized for use in the long-term archiving of a PDF document and preservation of the information it contains. This ensures that fonts, images, graphic objects and the document’s formatting can be preserved over time, regardless of its application or the platform used to create the document.
PDF/A compliance is in no way linked to the integrity or validity of a document’s digital signatures.

What are the technical requirements and practices associated with the deployment of VerifiO Server?

For more information, we invite you to visit this page: API VerifiO Server.

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