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The Electronic Signature you Need to Go Fully Digital

ConsignO Cloud is a web-based electronic signature platform with advanced legal reliability. Organizations, municipalities and governments use the platform to make their signing process completely digital, regardless of whether the signer is a member of a professional association, a CEO, an employee, or a client, partner or citizen. No installation or membership is required for signers. It’s easy, fast and free!

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Increased productivity

Have your clients sign quickly from anywhere. Integrate the process into your applications and save valuable time.

Legally reliable and compliant

Documents signed using ConsignO Cloud are legally reliable in court and enforceable against their signers while meeting the highest industry standards.

Security and confidentiality

Signed documents are encrypted and hosted on multiple servers located exclusively in Canada. In addition, our systems are audited annually.

An affordable solution

Our different subscriptions are competitively priced and adapted to the reality and needs of your organization.

Easy to use

ConsignO Cloud offers a user-friendly experience that doesn’t require any training or technical expertise.

Quick and easy to deploy

No installation is required. ConsignO Cloud works with a web browser on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Try ConsignO Cloud Free for 30 Days

Get free access to the ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform for 30 days. Try it now and see how easy it is!

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ConsignO Cloud Trusted Electronic Signature - Change You Can Trust

With ConsignO Cloud, change starts with a simple signature project. What used to take a long time gets done more efficiently and your clients will notice.

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ConsignO Cloud - The Customizable Electronic Signature

Electronic signature that reflects your brand! With a customizable interface, powerful APIs, SSO integration and trusted electronic signatures, you can entirely automate and digitize your workflows with ConsignO Cloud.

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Integrate Our Solutions Into Your Solutions

Use our solutions to automate your signing processes, from document preparation to validation. Increase your productivity and provide an integrated and seamless experience to your users.


Features Adapted to your Needs

Easy to use Sign from multiple devices Different levels of trusted signatures Establishment of a signature order Two-factor authentication Conversion to PDF/A Unalterable audit trail

With ConsignO Cloud, you can send a document for signing in fewer than 10 clicks, from your smartphone or your tablet.

ConsignO Cloud works with all standard web browsers and doesn’t require any installation or training to prepare electronic signature projects or use electronic signatures.

Signers do not have to subscribe to ConsignO Cloud or install software. Only the person who prepares the documents for signing needs an account.

Have clients sign your documents quickly and easily from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, at any time and from anywhere.

When you prepare a document for signing, you can determine if the signer must use a digital signature or an electronic signature.

  • CertifiO digital signature: Digital signatures are used when a high level of reliability is required. A digital signature includes proof of the signer’s identity and their professional affiliation or employment relationship.
  • Trusted electronic signature: The trusted electronic signature is a signature that is affixed on a document using a signature that is cryptographically protected by the platform. It includes the signer’s identity and related authentication information.

When preparing a document for signing, you can easily set the order in which signers will be invited to sign. You can specify a sequential order or parallel signatures, or a combination of the two.

For example, one person may be asked to sign first, a group of people will sign in parallel, and the last person adds their signature.

The person requesting a signature can decide if the signer can be authenticated using a unique password sent by text to their cell phone, an automated call providing a unique password, or a shared secret.

Automatically convert your PDF documents to the PDF/A standard, a trusted format that ensures that they can be read and that their integrity and signatures can be validated for decades to come. ConsignO ensures conformity to the PDF/A standard even after a document has been signed.

We recommend converting all documents with a lifespan longer than 12 years to the PDF/A standard.

ConsignO Cloud automatically generates a digitally sealed audit trail in PDF/A-3 format that incorporates the signed document to ensure the reliability of the entire signing process.


The ConsignO Cloud Difference

Why Us?

ConsignO Cloud
Canadian solution leveraging more than 20 years of expertise in the legal reliability of documents
Highly competitive subscriptions and prices
A simplified user experience that doesn’t require creating an account to sign documents
Batches of projects are available to everyone. No need to divide them between users.
Unlimited number of instrumenting parties and signers
Free technical support and trainings
i x
Weekly webinar, videos and more
Highly customizable visual interface
i x
communications, logo, colours, visual appearance of signatures
Ability to sign a certificate issued on behalf of your organization for increased personalization
Quick and free API integration with special rates for companies
IdP/Active Directory integration via SAML possible for an enhanced experienced
Free SharePoint connector

Clients, Employees and Suppliers Can Sign in Just a Few Clicks

Go fully digital with the ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform. Make managing signatures easy and offer your clients, employees and partners the option to sign documents at any time, from anywhere.

«  Our legal affairs department studied the platform thoroughly before authorizing us to use it. It held up under the scrutiny of thorough and competent lawyers. » 

- Cédrick Pautel, Secretary General, ÉTS

Questions & Answers

Can I try ConsignO Cloud before I purchase a plan?

Of course! You can try all the features for 30 days with no commitment. If you need help during the trial period, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Do signers need to subscribe to ConsignO Cloud?

No. Signers are not required to subscribe or install any software. Only the person that prepares a document for signature needs an account.

Are ConsignO Cloud’s electronic and digital signatures legally binding?

Yes. Documents produced by ConsignO Cloud offer enhanced legal reliability. Everything required to prove the origin and the integrity of the document is embedded in the document to ensure its authenticity. These documents include proof of their origin and integrity that are admissible in court and ensure non-repudiation by their authors.

What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

With ConsignO Cloud you can incorporate both CertifiO digital signature and trusted electronic signatures in the same document. Digital signatures are used when high reliability signatures are necessary. A digital signing certificate include proof of the signer’s identity, professional affiliation or employer affiliation. A trusted electronic signature is a signature applied in a document, using the cryptographically protected signature of the platform incorporating the signer identity and authentication information.

What is the audit log?

Although the documents signed with ConsignO Cloud include the proof binding the signer ( identification and authentication), an audit log is automatically generated as soon as a signature project is finalized and contains additional information that could prove useful in the event of a dispute.

The audit log includes information such as:

  • All the details of the signature project (name, creation date and details of the person who created it)
  • Details of the final and original documents included in the project
  • Details of the different project participants including the authentication method
  • Details of each signature appended
  • As well as the complete history of the actions taken since the creation of the signature project and until its finalization.

The audit log also includes the original and final signed documents as attachments. By downloading the audit log, you have direct access to the final signed documents.

Finally, the audit log itself is digitally signed as soon as it is published in order to guarantee its integrity.

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