Download the software required for the use of your digital signature or for assistance. 


CertifiO Suite

The software suite for all CertifiO subscribers.

Windows Version: Includes ConsignO Desktop, Entrust EESP and CertifiO Manager.

Mac Version: Includes ConsignO Desktop only

Important: For MAC users, CertifiO Manager is currently not included in the CertifiO Suite and must be downloaded separately. It is required to activate and use your CertifiO digital signature.

For Windows 7, click here

CertifiO Manager

With CertifiO Manager, you no longer need to install Java. You can now use your preferred browser!

CertifiO Manager v 2.2.2 (Windows) - 2.0 (Mac)
CertifiO Manager - Server Edition v 2.2.2

Individual Components

For automated deployments and expert users.

Click here for the French version of the components.

For Windows 7, click here.

ConsignO Desktop 3.8.2 (Windows) – 3.8.3 (MAC)
Entrust EESP 10.0 (patch 10.0.90a)