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Get a trial digital signature and access our ConsignO Desktop software free for 60 days.

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Maximize the benefits of our digital signature using our complementary signing and document validation tools.

Identify technical requirements

Identify software requirements and what is needed to deploy the signature in your organization's network environment.

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Learn about the steps involved in the subscription and activation process and how to use a digital signature prior to your overall deployment.

What's Involved

The trial signature allows you to experience what it's like to sign with an official signature. Thanks to the trial version, you can determine the technical requirements for deploying the signature across your organization ahead of time. However, some limitations and restrictions apply:

  • The identity verification step will not be completed when subscribing to the trial signature.
  • The signer's professional affiliation, designation (title) or employment relationship will not be verified, which means that this information may not be included in the signature.
  • Adobe® and Notarius’ products will display a message indicating that the signature may only be used for testing purposes and that the signer's identity has not been verified.
  • 60-day trial period

Have questions about the technical requirements, software and deployment? See the Questions & Answers at the bottom of this page.


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Questions & Answers

Which software are required to obtain and use a digital signature?

You will find all the information about the software and deployment requirements within your organization on this help page.

Where can I find the software required to obtain and use my digital signature?

Required software and associated documentation are available on our Download page.