Certify your documents’ content at a precise time to ensure its integrity and allows those who consult it to ensure it has not been altered in any way.

Protect your time-sensitive data

Add a timestamp token to your electronic documents when content must be certified at an exact time, to the nearest second.

Compliance with standards

In addition to conforming to the RFC 3161 standard, our trusted timestamp tokens are protected by RSA-2048 certificates and permit multiple algorithms, including the SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 hashing algorithms.

Adobe and Microsoft-approved

We use our own trusted certificate authority that is approved by Adobe (AATL) and Microsoft (Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program).

CertifiO Timestamp


Hosted on our certified HSMs
Competitive price
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Subscriptions available 30,000 tokens/year up to one billion/year
RFC-3161 compliant
Recognized by Adobe® and Microsoft®
Certified, audited and high-availability infrastructure

No technical expertise required

Our standard-compliant SaaS solution is quick and easy to implement. No need for technical expertise, maintenance or audits.

Your documents stay confidential

Only your document’s hash (similar to a digital fingerprint) is sent to our service and then signed to certify your document’s content at a specific time. We never receive your document's content and, frankly, we don’t want it!


Need Advanced Reliability?

Use our CertifiO digital signatures which—in addition to providing the timestamp service—allows you to certify the signer’s identity, whether it’s an individual, department or organization.

Questions & Answers

What is the legal value of my signed document once it is printed?

Regardless of the medium, what is most important is the preservation of information. In Quebec, according to An Act to Establish a Legal Framework for Information Technology, RSQ, c C-1.1, to argue in evidence, it must be shown that the integrity of the information has been maintained throughout its life cycle. In other words, the content of the printed version must remain identical to its original, digitally signed, electronic version to maintain its legal validity. Conversely, the same principle can be applied, for example, to the original paper version that is digitized and sent by email. The whole of the information must be preserved and we must ensure that it has not been falsified or altered by using protective measures such as a digital signature, an electronic seal, time stamping, etc. Such measures assure that any changes made to the document can be traced.

Can someone modify or alter a signed PDF document?

A signed document can be marked up but cannot be easily altered. If a digitally signed document were to be altered, the digital signature would be removed from the file, thus rendering the document a copy of the original. For example, in paper form, a wet signature original can be photocopied, thus creating a copy of the original and this copy can be easily modified and altered. The same is true for an original electronic PDF with a digital signature. It can be “reprinted” as a PDF and the new document then becomes a copy of the original. This copy can be altered but, for the recipient, it is a copy since the digital signature is no longer part of the PDF.

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