March 11, 2024
by Communications Team
Customer Stories

An Atlantic Canadian Firm Increases its Competitiveness Using Digital Technology


By using Notarius’ solutions, a significant engineering firm in Atlantic Canada:

  • Improved communication with an oil platform, located 350 kilometres from its offices
  • Reduced the time required to sign engineering documents by 97%  
  • Ensured the secure transmission of electronic documents to clients
  • Made remote work possible

In Atlantic Canada, creating wealth and recruiting a qualified workforce is a constant challenge. According to Statistics Canada, Atlantic Canada’s economy is expected to grow 0.8% annually between now and 2040, 1% below the national average.

However, there is no shortage of projects in the biosciences, energy development, and ocean economy sectors. In fact, if organizations focus on maximizing their resources and streamlining their work with innovative methods, they...

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