March 10, 2024
by Communications Team
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How can design and digital transformation help us confront climate change?

Jeff DiBattista, DIALOG and Notarius


In 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion human beings on Earth. We will need to relocate, feed, and provide shelter to everyone while having the least impact on the environment. It is a colossal challenge.

According to Jeff DiBattista, engineer and managing partner of the award-winning North American design practice DIALOG, one of the solutions to this rapid population growth lies in a holistic approach to design. Urgent action is needed, and DIALOG is doing it convincingly. The firm is proposing a 105-storey zero-carbon tower project in the heart of Toronto and is participating in the design of a parking lot/solar farm that will produce enough electricity to power an entire university campus!

DIALOG: Connecting communities, ecology, and heritage

Working at one of the most successful architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firms in Canada, people at DIALOG are passionate about design and believe it can, and should, improve the well-being of our communities and the environment we all share in a meaningful way.

And when you meet Jeff, you quickly understand that DIALOG is not just the company’s name, it is one of the company’s pillars and is demonstrated in the professionals...

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