March 8, 2021
by Communications Team

Nathalie Denis, Looking Further

Although Notarius is experiencing rapid growth, Nathalie Denis, VP of Finance and Administration, applies the same thoroughness and rigour that have allowed her to make her mark within the company. It should also be noted that if Notarius got to where it is today, it is because she has been a part of the journey since the beginning. In fact, Notarius has 25 years of history and yet, Nathalie has been working for the company for 26 years!

At the origin of Notarius

Leaving UQAM as a CPA, Nathalie remembers, with amusement, her first professional experience with an exterminator where a rat was used as a mascot. How did she go from working for an extermination company to one of the fastest growing IT companies in Canada?

“I am surrounded by experts. (…) You must be open to learning and understanding technologies. (...) This is a very specialized field and I consider myself privileged to understand it."

It is this spirit of openness and constant curiosity, that over the years, has enabled Nathalie to identify Notarius' needs and help the company weather storms.

For almost a quarter of a century, Nathalie has worn almost every hat. She first saw the birth of the company, when it was only a portion of the Corporation de service des notaires du Québec, and then contributed to its transition as an NPO. And finally, in 2013, she forged the contours of what the organization is today.

“There are times in Notarius’ history that have been very difficult. In the past, we have already gone from 70 employees to 20 employees. Now, we have found our way and we are on the way to great growth. It makes me really proud."

As VP, Nathalie is there to take the pulse, set goals and guide the company with its priorities. Her role is to show foresight and act with pragmatism.

She estimates that Notarius will be the leader in Canada, in terms of electronic signatures for professionals, within 5 years.

A conciliated leadership that communicates

"We have to make sure that the vision is well received and accepted by the Board of Directors. After that, it is all about good business development and investment in the right verticals while developing the current markets. (…) We have to work on multiple business spheres."

For Nathalie, it’s the goal that makes the difference, but to achieve it, the approach must be well understood by all departments and each of them must focus on the right targets.

Her experience allows her today to embody a leadership focused on the vision of the company. She admits: “10 years ago, we were much more scattered, whereas now, the positioning is much clearer, and the actions are more oriented."

She believes that in the future, this clarity will allow Notarius, "to make the right decisions and surround itself with the right people." In this regard, it should be mentioned that Nathalie acts as a model for the team. She motivates and inspires confidence. She often tempers emotions and encourages opportunity. She always acts in a way that allows us to continue in the right direction.

“If we want to grow and get to a certain point, we have to focus on our goal."


An exceptional woman

“Sometimes we quarrel, but when we make a decision, everyone is in agreement."

Nathalie overcame all the challenges Notarius encountered. If the company is what it is, it is partially thanks to Nathalie’s attention to detail and accuracy, but also her impression of being able to count on colleagues who know how to debate and to put their pride aside when it comes time to decide.

Having helped grow the business, Nathalie also considers that even though the IT world is very masculine, she has never had any difficulties as a woman in developing professionally. She believes that since the Notarius adventure began with humility and with small means, the culture of listening and fairness took hold naturally.

“I never felt a difference in the fact that I was a woman. "(...) I have always had the flexibility to play my roles as a professional at Notarius and as a mother to my family. Family-work balance isn't just an idea here, it's in our DNA."

As a human resources manager, she makes a point of recruiting women so that one day Notarius will be one of the standard-bearers of gender equity within the technology industry.

Speaking to young women and young CPAs in general, she invites them to start by "learning the trade of their company."

“Just because you do accounting doesn't mean you don't have to know what your business does. (...) You have to be interested in what the company is doing and learn. This is how you grow."

The future in good hands

"Notarius is like my second family. I am proud to work with all our employees and partners. I am proud of our company, where we are and where we are headed."

She has always been there and foresees the needs of everyone even before they realise it. We feel very privileged to have Nathalie as our VP. Her temperament and her expertise promote trust when it comes time for the team to navigate the swell and stay on course.

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