March 15, 2021
by Communications Team

New Partnership Between the CSBQ and Notarius

Montreal, March 15, 2021 - Notarius, a fast-growing Montreal-based tech company specialized in electronic and digital signatures, has announced a new partnership with the Corporation de services du Barreau du Québec (CSBQ).

The CSBQ, in partnership with Notarius, will provide an additional 90 days to first-time subscribers to the ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform annual subscription. ConsignO Cloud users will be able to use the platform for 15 months for the price of a 12-month subscription.

“This partnership gives CSBQ members an opportunity to discover the advantages of signing documents with an electronic signature. In a constantly evolving digital world, Notarius’ solutions accelerate the transition to a paperless environment while streamlining the document-signing process, says Virginia Wilson, Director of Marketing at Notarius. “When ConsignO Cloud users sign documents, they not only ensure that their document is legally reliable, but their productivity increases. ”

“We are committed to selecting partners that offer quality services and have an impact on the practice of the Bar of Quebec's members,” says Karine Simoes, Executive Director and Chief Compliance Officer of the CSBQ.

With ConsignO Cloud, users prepare, send and have PDF documents signed in just a few clicks. The platform simplifies the document-signing process and allows signatories to sign from anywhere, at any time.

CSBQ members can subscribe to the ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform today by visiting the CSBQ website at


About the CSBQ:
The Corporation de services du Barreau du Québec is a not-for-profit corporation associated with the Barreau du Québec whose mission is to offer quality and essential services to the bar of Quebec's members for their professional practice. Since its establishment in 1984, the Corporation has focused its activities on protecting the interests of its members.

About Notarius:
A leading expert in electronic signatures, digital signatures and long-term document reliability since 1996, Notarius is the only Canadian firm that issues trusted signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft and that are eIDAS-compliant (electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services). Notarius’ digital signature solutions are currently recognized and used by more than 45 professional associations across Canada, allowing thousands of professionals to sign and authenticate electronic documents with the same legal value as hand-signed paper documents.

Virginia Wilson, Director of Marketing,

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