January 26, 2021
by Communications Team

Notarius Unveils its New Website

Montreal, January 26, 2021 - Notarius, a rapidly growing tech company from Montreal, specialized in electronic and digital signatures, announced today the launch of their new website - Notarius.com. The company’s marketing team worked closely with an external agency over several months to develop a user-friendly platform that will allow both new and returning visitors to easily navigate the website to find the perfect Notarius solution to meet their document signing needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of many individuals, forcing most professionals to work from a satellite location or from home. This change caused a major increase in the number of professionals searching for a secure and reliable way to sign documents digitally. The influx of visitors searching for the perfect electronic or digital signature solution on the company’s website instigated a review of its layout and demanded adjustments to the way the product information and registration options were showcased. Notarius quickly reached out to a team of digital marketing experts to assist them in creating an optimal user-experience and ensure a quick turnaround time to maximize the website’s conversion rate and continue the company’s growth momentum.

“Notarius is dedicated to providing reliable and secure digital signature solutions to its customers during these unprecedented times. Our new website will allow professionals to easily select the best solution based on their profession and according to their industry’s standards,” confirmed Virginia Wilson, Notarius’ Marketing Director.

The newly re-designed website with its modern layout allows professionals to quickly locate the perfect digital signing solution and allows visitors to sign up for a free trial in just a few clicks. This will enable Notarius to continue to offer tens of thousands of professionals in Canada and the United States the ability to sign and authenticate documents electronically. During this challenging time, professionals can rest assured that their digitally signed documents have the same legal value as a hand-signed printed document.  Visit notarius.com today to learn more about how to securely sign documents digitally.

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About Notarius

A leading expert in electronic signatures, digital signatures, and long-term document reliability since 1996, Notarius is the only Canadian firm that issues trusted signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft and certified according to eIDAS standards (electronic IDentification, Authentication, and trust Services). Notarius’ digital signature solutions are currently recognized and used by more than forty-five professional associations across Canada, allowing thousands of professionals to sign and authenticate electronic documents with the same legal value as hand-signed paper documents.

Contact Information: Virginia Wilson, Marketing Director, virginia.wilson@notarius.com 

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