January 12, 2022
by Communications Team

One Ontario announces partnership with Notarius

One Ontario announces partnership with Notarius to collaborate on a digital signatures and digital transformation best practices educational series.

The AECO One Ontario – Notarius alliance will allow professionals to access and integrate digital best practices into their workflow and ensure compliance when digitally signing electronic documents.

Notarius has over 25 years of experience providing digital solutions that safeguard the long-term reliability of official electronic documents and assist with the transition to digital transformation.

Today, Notarius is a proven Canadian market leader issuing and managing thousands of trusted digital signatures to over 50 associations including PEO and OAA, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of official documents for transactions between a wide variety of professionals, business partners, clients, municipalities, and government agencies.

Digital signatures are designed to protect the public and enable professionals to sign electronic documents with the same legal value as a handwritten signature. The addition of Notarius to One Ontario will bring insight and best practices in digital transformation to our members. There will be a series of interesting and beneficial webinars available to our stakeholders to learn about digital signatures, digital transformation best practices and compliance.


A leading expert in electronic signatures, digital signatures, and long-term document reliability since 1996, NOTARIUS is the only Canadian firm that issues trusted signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft and that are eIDAS-compliant (electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services). NOTARIUS’ digital signature solutions are currently recognized and used by more than 50 professional associations across Canada, allowing thousands of professionals to sign and authenticate electronic documents with the same legal value as hand-signed paper documents.

Learn more about Notarius and the benefits of electronic and digital signatures but visiting notarius.com.

About One Ontario

One Ontario is a collaborative program established by AECO Innovation Lab - whose aim is to establish a set of Provincial Guidelines for Data and Information Exchange during the Development Approval Process. This framework will be aligned with regulatory requirements set by the province and will be driven by technological tools and advancements within the AEC industries - including web-based GIS applications, BIM tools, and automated code compliance checking algorithms.

About AECO Innovation Lab

AECO Innovation Lab leads digital transformation of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries and governments through collaborative R&D projects. We are dedicated to breaking down silos and increasing the productivity of the AEC sector by providing a hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing and digital transformation. AECO R&D projects unite the private, public and academic sectors by building coalitions to investigate AEC industry operating practices and develop optimization solutions. To learn more visit - www.aecoinnovationlab.com and follow AECO on social media: LinkedIn and Twitter

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