September 20, 2023
by Communications Team

Update to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


Dear Partners, 

At Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company, we have always been committed to offering you personalized, high-quality, and secure products. However, our commitment to you does not end there. 

The protection of your personal information is equally paramount to us, and we wish to keep you informed of the significant changes we are making to our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for our products, which will come into effect on September 22nd, 2023. 

These alterations aim to bolster our commitment to safeguarding your personal data and to increase transparency regarding its use. We want to notify you of the main changes that you can expect: 

Renamed Privacy Policy 

Our Privacy Policy will henceforth be named "Privacy Statement". This update is designed to better reflect our commitment to the security of your data. 

Strengthened Commitment 

Our pledge to preserving the confidentiality of your personal information will be reaffirmed in the updated policy. You can trust our resolve to protect your sensitive data. 

Usage of Personal Information 

We will provide more detailed information on how we use the personal information that you share with us, depending on various situations. This will give you a clearer understanding how we use your data. This enhanced transparency is vital to establish trust. 

Retention Periods 

We will also specify the retention periods for your personal data. This will allow you to better understand how long we retain your information and why. 

Compliance Recommendation for Professionals 

We wish to specifically inform our regulated professional partners that any breach of the terms of use for their digital signature certificate could be reported to their respective Order or Association. We encourage compliance to ensure the integrity of our products. 

All these updates will be available on our website, starting September 22nd, 2023. We invite you to review these new policies to familiarize yourself with the significant changes that will come into effect on this date. 

We remain committed to providing you with quality digital solutions that are safe and respectful of your privacy. We thank you for your continued trust in our teams. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal to provide you with the necessary information. 

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