Digital Best Practices For Your Association FAQ

Learn more about digital signatures and listen to the responses to some of your most common questions in the video series below.

Answering Your Questions

In the video series below, Notarius answers some key questions about digital signatures. Discover some digital best practices with Marc St-Jacques, our VP of sales and digital transformation.



Video series answering your digital signature questions.

Time: 0:56 mins

Your Association and Notarius

Learn more about the role of Notarius as a trusted digital signature provider.

Time: 5 mins

Digital Signature Alternatives

Learn why electronic signatures are not adequate for signing official documents.

Time: 4 mins

Use of a Digital Signature

Learn more about using a digital signature.

Time: 4 mins

The Security of a Digital Signature

See why a digital signature is secure and how it protects you.

Time: 4 mins