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Digitally sign professional electronic documents from anywhere, at anytime and on any device. (smartphone, desktop or tablet) 


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AATL Digital Signature (Cloud)

Multi-platform digital signature
hosted on a secure Cloud
infrastructure. Certifies the signer’s
identity and professional* affiliation.






Signature Tool and PDF Reader

Web-based application for affixing
a CertifiO Cloud digital signature
onto a PDF to give it a high level
of legal reliability. Included for free with your CertifiO Cloud signature

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* Available to members of participating associations or employees of participating organizations


ConsignO Cloud Solo : The Web-Based Application That Makes Signing with a Digital Signature
Easier Than Ever

Online Features: Customize your signature appearances and seals

  • Image layering
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Addition of text zones
  • Real-to-scale (cm or in)
  • Customized date formats
  • Access to your signature appearances from all devices
  • Creation of handwritten signatures


Digitally sign on any device
Anywhere, at anytime from your smartphone, tablet or computer

icon certification diploma

Meet every
requirement with
a verified identity

icon paint

Easily manage
your signature’s

PDF Icon

Validate in any
PDF reader

Icon cloud upload download

No more need for
USB keys

icon network computer

Deploys quickly
from anywhere
at any time

Efficiency: Process Your Documents in Real Time

  • Advance files as quickly as possible
  • Ensure the integrity of the information in your documents
  • Save on printing costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Communicate with clients faster

The Easiest Way to Take Advantage
of The Benefits of an AATL-signature

CertifiO Cloud
Media type Cloud Crypto token
Installation - Software required
Compatibility Phone, tablet, PC and Mac Computer only
Management of signature appearances Advanced Limited
Internet and mobile connectivity Online signature only (Internet required)
A valid Canadian or US mobile phone number required*

* Please contact Notarius for support in other countries

  • All of the benefits of a highly secure Cloud infrastructure

  • Get peace of mind with one of the world’s most trusted digital signatures Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)Adobe Trust List

  • Compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – CFR 21, Part 11


All of the Benefits of a Highly SecureCloud Infrastructure

Founded in 1996, Notarius collaborates with more than 50 professional associations coast to coast, serves more than 5,000 organizations and manages more than 60,000 digital identities throughout North America.


Use Case From Any Device


A city clerk approves
a document


A building technician seals
a document


A legal adviser approves
a commercial transaction

« CertifiO Digital Signature provides more opportunity for digital ecosystem integration for
use by professionals who are concerned about protecting the authenticity of their electronic
documents. It is easy to deploy and can be used from a smartphone or any other device. »

Alexandre Beaulieu, Director of Product Management at Notarius

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The 4 Steps of Subscription



Fill out the application form and submit your payment online

verification identite

Identity verification

Complete a face-to-face identity verification with one of our agents

approbation approval


Get approval by your professional association or employer

Approx. 5 days



Activate your CertifiO digital signature and start signing documents!

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