ConsignO Server

Go fully digital and automate the signing of the documents that you produce to prevent forgery.

Increased productivity

Easily integrate our solution into your systems and save valuable time by automating steps in the document preparation and signing process.

Confidentiality and security

Deploy ConsignO Server in your environment and keep documents within your secure infrastructure.

Guaranteed compliance

Offer a high level of document reliability thanks to conformity with the PAdES and PDF/A standards.

A Turnkey Solution that Doesn’t Require Expertise in Digital Signatures

We’ve developed unique expertise in digital signatures over more than two decades so that you don’t have to. This knowledge, incorporated in our tools such as ConsignO Desktop and ConsignO Cloud, can now be integrated within your applications thanks to ConsignO Server and our range of CertifiO digital signatures.


Flexible Features and Options

Automate signing on your company’s behalf Automate preparatory steps in the signing process Document longevity Timestamp tokens Multiple deployment options Billing by volume

Combine ConsignO Server’s advanced features with an AATL-approved CertifiO for Organizations digital signature to sign documents that your organization produces and prevent alterations to them once published.

Get a digital signature that is:

  • AATL-certified and automatically recognized by Adobe software
  • Compatible with long-term archiving (LTA) validation and PAdES 1 and PAdES 4 levels with all validation proof included, according to your needs.

Avoid certain manual steps:

  • Automate steps in the document preparation process by creating a signature zone, applying a template and adding attachments to significantly speed up the signing process.
  • Stamp different pages and launch a call for signatures from your application so that users don’t have to enter their password to sign.
  • Use the CertifiO Manager API to connect a web application to the user’s digital signature on their workstation.

*Only applies to documents that must be signed by an individual holding a digital signature issued or managed by Notarius.

Together with your applications and systems, ConsignO Server ensures the longevity of your documents and the signatures they contain in several ways:

  • By converting documents to the PDF/A format. With the PDF/A-3 option, you can also include complementary documents as attachments.
  • By creating digital signatures that conform to long-term archiving (LTA) validation and the PAdES 1 and PAdES 4 levels, including all validation proof.

Combine the ConsignO Server timestamp token feature with the CertifiO Timestamp service to:

  • Confirm the exact time the document was timestamped.
  • Ensure the integrity of your documents and detect alterations to them.
  • Protect your PDF documents and time-sensitive data.

Deploying ConsignO Server is quick and easy. You can deploy it on an individual workstation or a centralized server, or even integrate it directly via Java libraries.

As a result, documents that must be signed never leave your secure network and you have control over software updates.

ConsignO Server exposes a REST API and an associated web service and can also be called directly and locally from the command line (CLI).

Our prices are based on the annual volume of digital signatures. Certain features are free or optional. Contact us for more information.


Discover the ConsignO Server API

Want to know more about deploying ConsignO Server and its API? See the documentation.


Compare the ConsignO Tools


ConsignO Server
ConsignO Cloud API
Hosting Client Notarius
Signature exclusively linked to an organization (and not to an individual signer)
Invisible signature supported (no visible signature or zone on the document)
Signature appearance (image) Managed by the client application Managed by the signer
Signature formats supported PDF, enveloped CMS, detached CMS PDF
Turnkey electronic signature solution
Signing process Defined by the client According to platform rules
Two-factor authentication (text, phone call, secret question)
Email notifications
Complete audit trail
Updates Controlled by the client Controlled by Notarius
Billing By signature By project

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Questions & Answers

Is it possible to have a fully automated signature process?

Signing a PDF document is a multi-step process. It is possible to automate all preparatory steps such as applying the field, choosing the appearance and even selecting the signature to be affixed to a document.

However, the person must enter the password associated with his signature to complete the process. This final step cannot be automated in order to be compliant with the standards and requirements regarding the delivery of our digital identities.

For a signature for an organization, the process can be automated from end-to-end.

What are the technical requirements and practices associated with the deployment of ConsignO Server?

For more information, we invite you to visit the page API  ConsignO Server.

What is PDF/A compliance?

PDF/A compliance is based on the ISO 19005 standard, which is specialized for use in the long-term archiving of a PDF document and preservation of the information it contains. This ensures that fonts, images, graphic objects and the document’s formatting can be preserved over time, regardless of its application or the platform used to create the document.
PDF/A compliance is in no way linked to the integrity or validity of a document’s digital signatures.

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