July 10, 2023
by Communications Team

Empowering APEGA Members with Cloud Signatures

After over a decade of successful partnership with APEGA, Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company, is proud to contribute to the technological advancement of engineers and geoscientists in Alberta by offering its latest cloud-hosted digital signature solution: CertifiO Cloud. 

"We have collaborated with APEGA in developing our tools. This solution will allow APEGA members to authenticate drawings and customize their seal appearances directly on a smart phone." - Marc St-Jacques, VP of Sales and Digital Transformation at Notarius and Portage CyberTech. 

Get started: https://www.notarius.com/apega 

Authentication of PWPs On the Fly  

Thanks to this new digital signature that complies with APEGA requirements, association members will be able to authenticate Professional Work Products from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other internet-connected device. 

As the signature is hosted in an ultra-secure cloud, a member will no longer need to manage their .epf file or carry a USB flash drive between workstations. 

The flexibility of this tool will offer APEGA professionals a high level of competitiveness in the industry, as they will be able to accelerate their processes from a construction site or even when abroad, without worrying about whether they have their work computer with them or not. 

Accessible through ConsignO Cloud Solo, the web application included with all CertifiO Cloud subscriptions, this new APEGA digital signature will allow users to manage and configure seal appearances directly from a browser, facilitating their backup and customization (e.g., image overlay, size, custom text). 

Simplified Deployment and Streamlined Internal-External Workflows 

Since these new tools are in the cloud, firms and businesses will be able to simplify their deployments without having to manage constant software updates on numerous devices. These organizations can also optimize their processes by taking advantage of the integration of ConsignO Cloud Solo with the signature cycle management platform, ConsignO Cloud. 

Managing signature workflows with multiple signers, such as members of other professional associations, unregulated specialists, or clients, is possible through this high reliability signature platform - signers can sign with a professional digital signature or with a trusted two-factor authentication electronic signature.  

Never before have AEC companies had such ease in managing document authentication involving numerous internal and external parties within their organization. 

Digital Work Environment: Responsible Acceleration 

The digital transformation of work for engineers and geoscientists has been accelerating in recent years, particularly with the integration of BIM and simulation software. The introduction of CertifiO Cloud will facilitate the transition of digital signatures into these high-value-added environments. 

Notarius' teams have always been committed to protecting the public during this acceleration and are excited to assist APEGA members and the industry in fulfilling their obligations while benefiting from these powerful new tools. 

To learn more about the new APEGA cloud digital signature: https://www.notarius.com/apega 

To explore the impact of APEGA's digital signatures on Alberta: https://www.notarius.com/en/the-digital-transformation-of-engineering-and-geoscience 

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