May 5, 2021
by Communications Team
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What’s the Best Electronic Signature?

More and more options for electronic signatures are popping up all the time, and it can be hard to find your way through the jungle of options. Which is the best out of the three different types? How can you tell them apart? Here is a quick overview of the different types of signatures available.

The basic electronic signature: the simplest, but also the least reliable

What is it? Simply an image of a written signature affixed to an electronic document.

Who is it for and why? For anyone who does business with family, friends and acquaintances. It can be used for small-scale agreements.

At a glance: This is the simplest signature but the one with the lowest level of legal reliability. For example, you could search for “Barack Obama signature” in Google and copy-and-paste the image of his signature at the bottom of a document. Let’s just say that it is easy to contest in court.

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The trusted electronic signature: strong authentication and guaranteed document integrity

What is it? This is a signature that is affixed with a trusted partner like Notarius. The signer’s identity is linked to their email address. Second-factor authentication reinforces the link between the signer and the document (for example, a one-time code sent to a phone or a shared secret).

Who is it for and why? For companies and organizations who need to sign documents internally and/or externally. It is especially practical to ensure the legal reliability of important documents such as contracts, or for any type of business agreement.

At a glance: This type of signature provides a good level of legal reliability. Documents signed using a trusted electronic signature are cryptographically secured and retain the signer’s key information, dates, and the locations where the documents were electronically signed. At Notarius, we offer trusted electronic signatures through the ConsignO Cloud secure web platform.

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The digital signature: tantamount to a passport

What is it? Digital signatures link the signer’s verified identity to their professional association or organization. When affixed to an electronic document, the digital signature links the signer’s identity with the document through encryption, in addition to protecting the content from subsequent modifications.

Who is it for and why? For professionals who must confirm that they are in good standing and can exercise their profession (for example, engineers, architects, lawyers and notaries). Digital signatures are used when the protection of the public is at stake and the legal requirements are very high.

At a glance: The digital signature is like a passport. It contains the signer’s personal and professional information. When a digital signature is affixed to a document, it guarantees the document’s integrity and provides a higher level of security, even more than a hand-signed document. It is the most reliable signature in the industry. Notarius provides the CertifiO digital signature to nearly 50 professional associations across Canada.

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It is the most reliable signature int he industry


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