June 9, 2021
by Communications Team
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Validating a digitally signed document is essential, easy and free

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is an encrypted electronic signature which, when issued by a certification authority such as Notarius, guarantees an electronic document its origin, integrity, and authenticity.

Validate your Documents

When you receive digitally signed documents, the complete validation of the signatures is the only way to ensure the integrity, authenticity, and sustainability of your documents.

Do you receive electronically signed documents? Great, but do you know if these documents are indeed digitally signed by the right person?

Omitting the verification step exposes you to cast doubt on the identity and the skill set of the signer(s) and ultimately the quality and value of the documents in question.

An image is not worth a thousand words

Traditionally, we like to see the visual aspect of a signature at the bottom of a document. On the other hand, in the world of working digitally, this visual aspect can be misleading! To properly verify the validity of an electronic document, all the key information contained in a Notarius digital signature must be verified, such as:

  • the name of the signatory;
  • his/her professional designation, where applicable;
  • his/her affiliation to his/her association or organization, if applicable;
  • the unique digital fingerprint of the document he/she signed.

This information is inside the Notarius digital signature and it is the affixing of this to an electronic document that gives it its integrity and establishes the authenticity of the document.

Validating is essential, easy and free!

It is through the act of validation that you can confirm the skills of the signatory and this being even more important when the latter is a member of an Order, an Association, or the employee of a company since Notarius’ digital signatures come directly from these organizations! Validating is therefore your greatest ally!

As security and integrity are paramount to us, we offer you the opportunity to check the validity of your Notarius digital documents and signatures free of charge by going directly to VerifiO.com. It’s simple, quick and easy to use. A few clicks and you’re done!

Fun fact: Validating is also free by using our ConsignO Desktop software or by using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Geek fact: VerifiO Server makes it possible to verify the validity of thousands of documents through verification automation.

High standards and unparalleled confidence

Thanks to our high standards, our rigorous processes, and our numerous certifications, Notarius is one of the most accredited digital signature suppliers in the world.

We work with nearly 50 Professional Colleges and Associations in Canada and hundreds of businesses to enable them to issue digital signatures to more than 35,000 professionals and employees.

If so many organizations have adopted the Notarius digital signature, it is to protect the public and their customers. It ensures that the digitally signed documents have been signed by the right person and that this person has the required credentials and skills. It is a guarantee of confidence and it is verifiable.
It is for your protection!

Find out more: notarius.com/en/solutions/validation-tools

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