March 19, 2024
by Communications Team
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Public Protection: EGBC Efficiently Fulfills Its Mandate in a Digital World

Peter Mitchell, EGBC and Notarius

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By offering digital signatures to its members since 2007, EGBC has:

  • Issued new guidelines requiring software-based simulations
  • Delivered digital transformation tools to more than 4,000 companies
  • Facilitated the work of licensing authorities
  • Protected its members from fraud and counterfeiting
  • Made remote work possible for engineers and geoscientists


Approximately 53% of Canada’s labour force is between the ages of 19 and 44. While Generation Y has learned its way around digital environments, for Generation Z, digital technology is fundamental when it comes to choosing a job.

91% of Generation Z believe that the technologies offered in their workplace would influence where they decide to apply for a job. For professional associations that train engineers, geoscientists, and architects, it is a daily challenge. How do you reconcile legal obligations while continuing to adopt to fast-changing technology? How do you ensure that new digital practices protect the public while maximizing the work of professionals?

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) took the bull by the horns several years ago. Peter Mitchell, Director of Professional Practice, Standards and Development, tells us how his professional association has reached out to the new generation...


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