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Digital signature issued by a professional association
or an employer. Certifies the member’s identity and professional affiliation.




Professional Signature Tool

Digital signature software with advanced features and a PDF reader. Allows you sign batches of documents in just a few clicks, and more. Included for free with your CertifiO Desktop signature






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CertifiO Desktop: Bring Reliability to the Digital World

More than 50,000 professionals currently use a digital signature in Canada. Digital identities are changing industries and are allowing professionals to digitally transform.


ConsignO Desktop: Innovate Faster

Included for free with your digital signature CertifiO Desktop.

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Major Professional Advantages



Sign batches of documents
in only a couple of minutes



Authenticate documents
anywhere, anytime



Protect your seal
and original documents

Go From 2 Weeks to 1 Day




2030 : Prepare Yourself for Tomorrow

When you make the switch to digital, you acquire the skills you’ll need for the future.

40 %

of jobs in Canada could be
automated by 2030 (1) 

14 %

increase in AI’s share of the
global economy by 2030 (1) 

20 %

lower uptake of cloud services by
Canadian companies (2) 

Proven Legal Reliability



Help Build a Trusted Digital Ecosystem






: Train professionals

Task: Issue signatures



: Fulfill compliance requirements

Task: Sign documents



:Ensure that work meets standards


: Validate signed documents

«Ten years from now, when you go to retrieve an electronic document from your archives that has been signed with an EGBC signature provided by Notarius, you’ll know that it’s the original, unaltered document and that you can trust it.»

-Peter Mitchell, Director of Professional Practice, Standards and Development at EGBC

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«It’s nice to have that templating ability when you have 20 pages of documents or if you are always 
authenticating the same type of report over and over
again. You can template it and make that quicker. That’s a nice feature! »


- Daryle Tilroe, Director of Engineering Services, City of Edmonton


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«I think we need to complete this metamorphosis as quickly as possible in order to realize the opportunity that digital transformation offers for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. We can drastically improve the efficiency of our industry if everyone works digitally.»


Jeff DiBattista, Engineer and Managing Partner of the design pratice DIALOG


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«It’s kind of like the catalyst that really unlocks our aptitudes towards digitalizing our practice. So, the fact that we were able to demonstrate (...) that we can digitize authentication (...) allows us to really start exploring other aspects of digital project delivery.»


- Bill Moore, President of BuildingSMART Canada and Manager at Associated Engineering


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