October 3, 2022
by Communications Team

Interac Verification Service


ConsignO Cloud is the first electronic signature platform to integrate trusted identities from the Interac network.
Get rid of paper. Improve your KYC compliance and productivity.

Legal, reliable and compliant

Organizations and governments now have another option for obtaining legally reliable documents signed electronically by clients, customers or citizens, using identities validated by a network of trusted Canadian organizations, such as financial institutions.

What is Interac?

Interac is a network for communicating identity and other digital attributes based on blockchain technology that simplifies and secures the transmission of personal information necessary to verify an individual's identity. The verified identity is embedded in the document by ConsignO Cloud. Learn more about Interac.

What is ConsignO Cloud?

ConsignO Cloud from Notarius is the electronic signature platform of choice for public and private sector organizations wishing to digitize their document signing processes with the highest level of compliance and legal reliability. Learn more about ConsignO Cloud.

Learn more about how to get a document signed with verified identities.

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