November 24, 2022
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7 Effective Tips for Digitally Signing Drawings and Reports

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Over the years, ConsignO Desktop has become the leading software for professional digital signatures. Why? Because it was specially designed to save you time and money while remaining in full compliance.  

Follow these seven tips and guidelines from your association to make the most of your digital signing document workflows. 

1. Create and apply templates 

If you sign the same type of documents on a regular basis, such as reports or drawings, you can take advantage of templates. When you create a template, you can quickly apply it to all similar documents and avoid having to perform the same actions over and over again.  

For example, do you need three seals on a plan in A1 format? Just drag and drop the template onto a document and each of the zones will be placed in the right spots, in the desired format. In addition, you can apply templates on multiple documents at once.  

2. Batch sign your documents 

This is probably the most popular feature in ConsignO Desktop. Once you've applied your template, you can digitally sign hundreds of documents in seconds.  

The operation can be completed in multiple different ways in ConsignO Desktop or directly in your file explorer by right-clicking. If you use shared networks, each stakeholder can quickly authenticate documents. 

This is a practice that many large firms have already adopted.  


3. Use stamping to affix your seal images on multiple pages 

If your documents are several pages long and you need different seal or signature appearances in different spots, you can use the stamping feature.  

This is a feature in ConsignO Desktop that applies an image of a signature or a seal without actually signing digitally. In a few clicks, you can initial dozens of plans and add your seal image in the required places.  

After that, all you need to do is digitally sign using an invisible signature to protect the integrity of your documents. It’s a simple practice that is easy to learn, and it will save you loads of time! 


4. Digitally sign your merged PDFs to protect yourself from fraud 

If you are assembling multiple signed PDFs into one to facilitate document flow, keep in mind that the merged PDF is just a copy of the signed files. You will see your seal and signature appearances, but the document will not be digitally signed.* 

To protect the merged document from fraud and give it legal value, take the time to sign it with an invisible digital signature. The assembled document can then circulate safely between the parties concerned. 

Remember that the signers of the original documents must sign with an invisible digital signature to give authenticity to the set of drawings.  

*The merge feature in ConsignO Desktop retains seal appearances, unlike other PDF readers.  

5. Authenticate your DWG, XLS and JPG files by adding them as attachments 

3D plans are becoming more and more common in the industry. To authenticate them, first create a cover page containing the following information:  

  • Project and contact information 
  • A list of attachments 
  • A paragraph certifying the authenticity of the attachments 
  • A seal and signature image in accordance with your practice guidelines 

Then, convert this page to PDF/A-3 in ConsignO Desktop and add the 3D files for authentication as attachments. All that is left to do is digitally sign. 

This practice is also possible with all types of electronic files. Once extracted, stakeholders can view the attachments without affecting the documents contained in the authentic PDF/A-3.  

 6. Use combined actions

ConsignO Desktop aims above all to save you from repetitive document handling tasks, and the combined actions feature allows you to program several functionalities into one.  

For example, if you need to convert a document to PDF/A, apply templates, digitally sign and save your signed documents to a specific location, you can do it in one easy step with the combined actions feature. 

This is really the feature that streamlines professional document signing cycles the most.  

 7. Work directly in your file explorer

If you already have access to your files in your file explorer, you don’t even need to open ConsignO Desktop. To sign even faster, simply select your ready-to-sign documents and right-click. 

With one click, you have access to more than 11 advanced features. No other professional signature software offers so many possibilities.  

If you are supervising numerous projects, you can easily validate signatures, the number of signers and the document’s integrity. In the blink of an eye, you can tell which documents have been signed and which ones haven’t.  


Combine performance and compliance 

By following these seven effective tips, you will eliminate numerous repetitive tasks and greatly simplify your authentication processes. Plus, you’ll make the most of your professional digital signature so that you can focus on your practice, and not on paperwork.   

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