Electronic Signature Tools

Sign your electronic documents from your desktop, online or other platforms quickly and easily using our professional signature tools.

Guaranteed compliance: Increase the legal reliability of your documents while meeting the highest industry standards.
Guaranteed compliance

Increase the legal reliability of your documents while meeting the highest industry standards.

Increased productivity: Easily sign batches of documents and have your clients sign from anywhere within minutes.
Increased productivity

Easily sign batches of documents and have your clients sign from anywhere within minutes.

Reduced costs: Reduce your postage and paper archiving costs.
Reduced costs

Reduce your postage and paper archiving costs.

Go completely digital: Eliminate the biggest obstacle to your shift to digital by adopting our electronic signature tools.
Go completely digital

Eliminate the biggest obstacle to your shift to digital by adopting our electronic signature tools.

Smaller environmental footprint: Reduce paper waste by opting for a digital signature.
Smaller environmental footprint

Reduce paper waste by opting for a digital signature.

Discover the Possibilities
Prepare batches of documents for signing

Prepare batches of documents to be signed, or easily and efficiently divide their associated tasks among your employees.

Ensure the long-term reliability of your documents

Convert your PDF documents to the PDF/A standard to ensure they will be readable for decades to come.

Leverage compatibility

Our signature tools are compatible with different digital IDs and authentication sources to meet your compliance and security needs.

Customize your signature

Create multiple looks for your signature to meet your different needs. Quickly import an image of your handwritten signature, your initials and, depending on the product, your professional seal.

Create document templates

Prepare your documents using templates to automate different steps, reduce the risk of error and save time.

Automate your processes

Automate your document preparation and signing process using your document management tools and web applications thanks to our APIs.


Case Study: Digital Shift in the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion

Discover how the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion's Engineering and Environment Department improved their scheduling management and monitoring process and offered external partners the option to sign documents electronically.

Our Signature Tools
Web-based signing platform Software for workstations Server and API

ConsignO Cloud

ConsignO Cloud is a web-based platform that makes managing signatures easy. Prepare, send and have PDF documents signed in just a few clicks.

  • Have clients sign your documents quickly and easily from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Increase the legal reliability of your documents thanks to two-factor authentication, at no extra charge.
  • Consult a secure audit log that captures the complete details of events related to your signature project.
  • Automate the sending of your signature projects thanks to our simple and multi-functional API.
  • Rest assured that your documents are encrypted and hosted on multiple sites, exclusively in Canada.

ConsignO Desktop

ConsignO Desktop is a PDF reader whose advanced features make signing documents quick and easy, resulting in significant time savings.

  • Increase your productivity thanks to its many features, including batch signing and the ability to use multiple signature appearances, apply signature templates, add attachments directly to your PDF documents, perform document stamping and convert documents to the PDF/A standard.
  • Quickly and easily sign PDF documents directly from your workstation.
  • Customize your signature’s appearance by incorporating your handwritten signature, your initials and, if necessary, your professional seal.
  • Included in your digital signature subscription.

ConsignO Server

ConsignO Server automates your signing processes and makes managing large quantities of documents easy to increase your productivity.

  • Automate steps in the document preparation process by creating a signature zone, applying a template, and automatically converting documents to the PDF/A standard to significantly speed up the signing process.
  • Turnkey solution that doesn’t require IT expertise.
  • Integrate the solution into your infrastructure, workstation and centralized server to ensure that your documents don’t leave your domain.
  • REST API and Command Line Interface (CLI) available depending on your volumes and use cases.
  • Directly integrate Java libraries.
  • Compatible with digital signatures issued or managed by Notarius.
Questions & Answers

What is the legal value of my signed document once it is printed?

Regardless of the medium, what is most important is the preservation of information. In Quebec, according to An Act to Establish a Legal Framework for Information Technology, RSQ, c C-1.1, to argue in evidence, it must be shown that the integrity of the information has been maintained throughout its life cycle. In other words, the content of the printed version must remain identical to its original, digitally signed, electronic version to maintain its legal validity. Conversely, the same principle can be applied, for example, to the original paper version that is digitized and sent by email. The whole of the information must be preserved and we must ensure that it has not been falsified or altered by using protective measures such as a digital signature, an electronic seal, time stamping, etc. Such measures assure that any changes made to the document can be traced.

What is a digital signature? And what is the difference with an electronic signature?

A digital signature is an encrypted electronic signature that can guarantee the origin of an electronic document, its integrity, and its authenticity. When you manually sign a document, you guarantee your agreement to the text content. A digital signature does the same thing and adds even more information. It guarantees signature authenticity by proving that you are the person who signed, it ensures document integrity, meaning that it has not been modified since the signature, and also confirms that the sustainability of the document, ensuring its validity for years to come.

Difference between a digital and an electronic signature :
An electronic signature consists of blocks of information that identify you. A digital signature is a form of electronic signature that is more secure because it is encrypted and can be invisible. It protects many elements of your documents.

Does Notarius store copies of my documents?

No. The only information that Notarius collects and saves are certain personal and professional details of its customers that are necessary to offer the digital signature service, such as the first name, last name, email address, and, in the case of a professional, professional association member number. To know more on how Notarius uses this information, please see the Privacy Policy.

What is PDF/A-3?

First and foremost, a PDF is an open standard that allows users to produce electronic documents that are very similar to paper. Being an ISO-standardized format, many governments have adopted the PDF standard as a common standard for producing and archiving electronic files. PDFs can be produced in various ways to meet certain technical requirements. For example, PDF/X is common format for professional printers. PDF/A, including PDF/A-3, are ISO standard-based formats specifically designed for long-term archiving. The key benefit of PDF/A-3 is that it allows a signer to attach any file format (DWG, BIM, JPEG, etc.) in a PDF and secure the integrity of the content with a digital signature.

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