December 1, 2022
by Communications Team

CertifiO Desktop Digital Signature Pricing Adjustment


Why are we adjusting our ConsignO Desktop digital signature subscription prices? 

After more than 25 years without a price increase, we need to adjust our CertifiO Desktop digital signature prices in order to ensure the quality of our services and maintain our secure infrastructure in a constantly evolving global market. 

These adjustments will allow us to continue to offer you world-class solutions that can be adapted to your business needs. This will allow Notarius to: 

  • Maintain certifications that ensure the security of its processes 
  • Obtain stringent certifications that will increase the quality of its services 
  • Recruiting a highly skilled and in-demand workforce 
  • Provide a highly secure public key infrastructure 
  • Develop additional partnerships to accelerate the digital transformation of high demand legal professions
  • Improve the quality of its products and offer new ones 

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Will new subscribers pay more? 

No, new subscribers will benefit from a price reduction as the one time sign-up fee will be reduced from $140 to $99.   

What types of advances does Notarius offer? 

Our teams have been very busy over the past few years dealing with the strong growth caused by the pandemic. However, we are pleased to be able to offer you the latest innovations and certifications in the industry such as: 

  • The multi-platform CertifiO Cloud digital signature automatically recognized in Adobe products, accessible via any internet-connected device and requires no installation


  • The ConsignO Cloud Solo web app which provides the opportunity to use a CertifiO Cloud digital signature while managing its seal, permit to practice and signature appearance from a cell phone or tablet 

  • Continue to develop partnerships with several government agencies in order to standardize the acceptance of electronic documents and consequently, the productivity of local industries 

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